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This blog is intended to be a friendly informative place to share comments and observations on volcanic and seismic activities round the world, bridging the gap between the text books introducing volcanology and seismology and the scientific papers on the subject. Comments, discussion and feedback are welcome.

Every effort is made to ensure that posts are factually accurate and appropriately accredited / referenced at the time of posting, but apologies in advance for any amateur errors. Typos are free of charge.

I am writing this from the comfort of my armchair (OK, desk – but “desk-bound amateur volcanologist” does not sound as good) in the UK. Take a moment to think of, respect and thank the volcanologists and seismologists who have carried out the field studies and other research to advance our knowledge and understanding of the Earth’s processes and to mitigate risk, sometimes at great personal cost. The death rate in field volcanologists is uncomfortably high. Also spare a thought for the victims of natural disasters and the relevant aid agencies.

I am no expert so if you live near, or plan to visit, any of the sites mentioned here, please consult the local experts and authorities. While volcano tourism is very helpful to local economies, going at a time of a large event may interfere with any rescue operation and / or put you in a difficult position. Make sure you and others have a great and safe time.

Thank you for dropping by; I hope you enjoy your visit.

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