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Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes, 6th February 202307/03/2023Africa, Europe
Eruption at Meradalir, Iceland, Stalled 21st August 202223/08/2022Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula
A New Eruption Near Fagradalsfjall, Iceland, Started 3rd August 202204/08/2022Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula
A new earthquake swarm near Fagradalsfjall Iceland started 30th July 202231/07/2022Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula
Update on Seismicity in the Mount Þorbjörn Area, 17th April 2022 to date24/05/2022Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula
Earthquake Swarm on the western Reykjanes Peninsula 17th April to date19/05/2022Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula
Earthquake Swarm between Reykjanestá and Eldey, Iceland28/04/2022Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula
São Jorge Earthquake Swarm Update 07.04.202208/04/2022Europe, Portugal
São Jorge, Large Earthquake Swarm May Herald an Eruption or Large Earthquake29/03/2022Europe, Portugal
Mount Etna, Not One Volcano But Many14/03/2022Europe, Italy
Is it Ok? An earthquake swarm west of Ok, Iceland11/02/2022Iceland, Langjökull
Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’Apai, Major Eruption and Tsunami, 15th January 202217/01/2022Pacific
Fagradalsfjall: Update 31/12/202128/12/2021Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula
A Christmas Present for La Palma; Eruption Declared Over 25th  December 202127/12/2021Spain
Grímsvötn, Aviation Code Raised to Orange 6th December 20216/12/2021Iceland, Grímsvötn
Mount Semeru, Eruption 4th December 20215/12/2021Indonesia
Cumbre Vieja Eruption, Update 19 November 202119/11/2021Spain
La Palma, Update 26.10.202127/10/2021Spain
Aviation Code for Fagradalsfjall Lowered to Yellow, 18 October 202121/10/2021Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula
La Palma, 2021: Earthquakes and Magma Plumbing20/10/2021Spain
Tagoro, the 2011-2012 Submarine Eruption of El Hierro18/10/2021Spain
Update on Activity at Cumbre Vieja, Fagradalsfjall and Askja as of 1st October 202101/10/2021Iceland, Spain
La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain, Eruption Commenced 19 September 202120/09/2021Europe, Spain
Update on Askja, Fagradalsfjall, Mount Merapi, Grímsvötn, La Soufrière St. Vincent, Mount Pelée, Mount Nyiragongo15/09/2021Iceland, Indonesia, Caribbean, Africa
Haiti: 14 August 2021, Earthquake 7.2 M, Depth 10km17/08/2021Plate Tectonics, Caribbean
Gunung Merapi, Alert Level 3, Aviation Code Orange11/08/2021Indonesia
Eruption of Mount Nyiragongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 22 May 20219/06/2021Africa, Plate Tectonics, East African Rift System
Update on the eruptions at Fagradalsfjall and La Soufrière St. Vincent, and status of Mount Pelée11 May 2021Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula, Caribbean, La Soufrière St. Vincent
Askja and Herðubreið, The Start of Our Exploration of the Northern Volcanic Zone, Iceland25/04/2021Iceland, Northern Volcanic Zone
La Soufrière St. Vincent Eruption: The North East of St Vincent Island Has Been Devastated15/04/2021Caribbean, La Soufrière St. Vincent
Alert Level for La Soufrière St. Vincent Raised to Red: Eruption in Progress09/04/2021Caribbean, La Soufrière St. Vincent
New Fissures Open Near Geldingadalur, Fagradalsfjall, Iceland08/04/2021Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula
An Introduction to The New Volcano, Geldingadalur, Fagradalsfjall, Iceland27/03/2021Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula
Alert Level for the Krýsuvík Volcanic System Lowered to Orange; the eruption is contained in Geldingadalur for now20/03/2021Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula
Krýsuvík Volcanic System, Aviation Code Red; A Volcanic Eruption Has Started Near Fagradalsfjall, Iceland19/03/2021Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula
Update on the Ongoing Earthquake Swarm on the Reykjanes Peninsula09/03/2021
Updated: 12.03.2021
Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula
Aviation Alert Level for The Krýsuvík Volcanic System raised to Orange03/03/2021Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula
An Introduction to Plate Tectonics03/03/2021Plate Tectonics

Seismic Activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula
28/02/2021Iceland, Reykjanes Peninsula

Mt. Pelée, La Soufrière St. Vincent And A Quick Tour Of The Plates Surrounding The Caribbean Plate
01/02/2021Plate Tectonics, Famous Eruptions, Caribbean
An Introduction to the Aleutian Arc19/12/2020Plate Tectonics, The Aleutian Arc
Tectonic Overview of the Aegean Sea Plate and Anatolian Plate11/11/2020Plate Tectonics, Eastern Mediterranean
A Quick Look at Iceland: Total Earthquakes by Year 2009 to 23 October 202031/10/2020Iceland: Tjörnes Fracture Zone, Vatnajökull Region, Grímsvötn, Myrdalsjökull Region, Reykjanes Peninsula
Volcanic Risk Management: Disaster Management Planning22/10/2020Volcano Basics, Volcanic Risk Mitigation
A Quick Update for Grímsvötn: Alert Level: Yellow30/09/2020Iceland: Eastern Volcanic Zone, Vatnajökull Region, Grímsvötn
Volcanic Risk Mitigation: Know Our Volcano10/09/2020Volcano Basics, Volcanic Risk Mitigation
Volcanic Risk Mitigation: Volcanic Hazards24/08/2020Volcano Basics, Volcanic Risk Mitigation

Krakatau, Sunda Strait, Indonesia: 1883 Eruption & 2018 Tsunami
14/08/2020Famous Eruptions, Indonesia
Quick Update on the Earthquake Swarm on the Reykjanes Peninsula21/07/2020Iceland: Reykjanes Peninsula
The Barðarbunga Volcanic System17/07/2020Iceland: Eastern Volcanic Zone, Vatnajökull Region
Famous Eruptions – Introduction7/07/2020Famous Eruptions
Tambora 18157/07/2020Famous Eruptions, Indonesia
The Magic of Magma1/07/2020Volcano Basics. Magma
More Trembles in the Tjörnes Fracture Zone29/06/2020Iceland: Tjörnes Fracture Zone
What is a Volcano?24/06/2020Volcano Basics
Grímsvötn – Grumbling Quietly22/06/2020Iceland: Eastern Volcanic Zone, Vatnajökull Region
A Quick Update on Activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula16/06/2020Iceland: Reykjanes Peninsula
Hekla – The Hood12/06/2020Iceland: Eastern Volcanic Zone, South Iceland Seismic Zone
The Katla Volcanic System, Mýrdalsjökull – the not so cuddly Katla9/06/2020Iceland: Eastern Volcanic Zone, South Iceland Seismic Zone, Mýrdalsjökull Region
Mount St Helens: 18 May 1980 Eruption2/06/2020North America, Famous Eruptions
Seismic Activity in the Tjörnes Fracture Zone29/05/2020Iceland: Tjörnes Fracture Zone
Wobbles in the Walker Lane Deformation Belt27/05/2020North America
Recent Seismic Activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula14/05/2020Iceland: Reykjanes Peninsula
A Brief Introduction to Iceland22/04/2020Iceland
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